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Table of Contents

Getting Started

All the basics you need to know in order to utilize the plugin's full potential.

1️⃣System Requirements2️⃣Installation3️⃣Downloading Pets4️⃣Commands & Permissions

Configuration (Optional)

Learn how to configure Miniature Pets to fit your exact use case. This is completely optional as Miniature Pets works out of the box.

🔧General Settings🖥️User Interface (GUI)🌐Locales💾Databases (BungeeCord)

Pet Creation

While creating pets is relatively easy, it's important to have some guidance at the beginning on the Dos and Dont's. We wish you luck.



We have a beautiful marketplace of pets created solely for our creators! We've put together the bottom line on how to publish and sell your magnificent pets.

1️⃣Publishing Pets2️⃣Selling Pets


While Miniature Pets is a piece of art, we know some of you would like to get additional features and capabilities, therefor we've integrated Miniature Pets with several popular plugins, and documented how to utilize it below.

1️⃣Citizens2️⃣Model Engine

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