Required Tools

There is a need for winrar, zip-style programs to edit (.mpet) files. My suggestion is to install the winrar program.

You need any notepad editor program to edit (.yml) files. My suggestion is to use notepad++.

We have installed the necessary applications and are ready to create a pet. Download the (.mpet) file I prepared for you from here. You can open it with the winrar program by right-clicking on the file you downloaded and saying open with.

this basic (.mpet) file is for convenience when creating new pets.

It's time to determine the pet name. When specifying the name, the .mpet name and the name of the .yml file in it must be the same. (Please note it is case sensitive.) It should be like the warning below.

Head sizes

There are 4 different sizes we can use. with the big armor stand and the small armor stand we get 2 different sizes and by placing items in the hands of this armor stand we get them in smaller sizes. just like in the picture.

Simple edits. (This section contains the necessary information to edit the petname.yml file.)

Pet Name Example:

the name that will appear in the menu.

Example Usage: name: "&b&lSonic Pet"

Pet Lore Example: The item description that will appear in the menu. Example Usage: description:

- ""

- "&7Custom Sonic Pet!"

- ""

Pet Permission Example: Pet permission. you can change it as you want. Example Usage: permission: "mpet.Sonic"

Pet Symbol Example: The item that will appear in the menu. "items.yml" can be adjusted, you can use any item you want as a symbol. Example Usage: symbol: head

Pet Speed Example: You can adjust the speed of the pet. Example Usage: speed: 0.25

Pet Anchor Example: You should choose the mob you want to use. The size of the mob you choose is important for the boarding position. Example Usage: anchor: COW

Pet Visible Example: You can set whether the mob you have chosen is visible or not. Example Usage: visible: false

Pet Animation Example: Increasing the frameDelay speed will speed up the animation. Reducing slows down. The "quality" feature works the same way. Example Usage: animation:

frameDelay: 1

quality: 5

yes, that's all the information we need to edit the Sonic.yml file. As a result, we have a sonic.yml file content as below.

Finally, all of the above settings.name: "&b&lSonic Pet" description: - "" - "&7Custom Sonic Pet!" - "" permission: "mpet.Sonic" symbol: head speed: 0.25 anchor: COW visible: false animation: frameDelay: 1 quality: 5

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